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Another one of the YouTubers that I’ve watched for many years is the gorgeous Kandee Johnson.  She appears to be such a kind individual, a very talented makeup artist, and just an all around awesome person!  I was so excited to hear that she was working on her own line of products with Too Faced cosmetics (there are too many of these awesome collabs happening!) and knew this was yet another must-have launch that I’d keep my eye on.  While I wish I could’ve purchased the whole line, there were 2 items that I was lucky enough to get my hands on that I’ll be sharing today!  (Note – both of these items sold out the day of the release, so I unfortunately have not linked them to this post 😔.)

The #iwantkandee collection included 4 liquid lipsticks, a setting powder, an eyeliner, and an eyeshadow palette.  I’ve never tried anything from Too Faced before, and because I am a fan of Kandee’s, I knew that this would be a good time to try out the line.  The first item that I purchased was the liquid lipstick in the shade Freshly Baked.

Too Faced Freshly Baked

I’ve heard mixed reviews of Too Faced’s matte liquid lipsticks, but I loved the color that I saw online of this shade so thought I’d give it a shot.  I’d like to first mention that this liquid lipstick smells AMAZING!  Obviously the theme of this line was candy focused, and the scent to this is such a pleasant, sweet smell.  I personally smell sugary cookies, but I’ve seen reviews that other people have smelled cotton candy or other types of sweets too!  I got it on Friday and tried it out on Saturday so I just have my initial thoughts on it so far.  The color is beautiful, but it’s a bit too cool toned for an everyday lip color for my taste.  It’s very pigmented and I didn’t even have to re-dip the wand to get my lips fully covered.  I didn’t find the formula to be as drying as some of the negative reviews that I’ve read, so I was very pleased with that.  The feature that I was happiest with was how long lasting this product is.  I put it on at around 1pm, went about my day, drank liquids, had some dinner,  and by about 8pm when I got back home my lips were still tinted with color!  I only have the Tarteist liquid lipsticks to compare to so for my experience, Too Faced is definitely longer lasting.  Here is a color swatch of what Freshly Baked looks like on my hand.



The other product that I purchased was the setting powder from the collection called Banana Pudding.  Kandee Johnson is known for having flawless skin with her makeup looks, so this was the product that I most wanted.  I mean, if a person whose skin looks amazing in all of her makeup looks comes out with a product described to also give you flawless skin – it’s a must have in my book!

Too Faced Banana Pudding

Again, this product smells so good, but this time being banana scented.  It’s really interesting because the powder is mainly yellow (to be used for brightening) but it’s also made up of a bunch of other color correcting pigments as well including pink, purple, and green.  I also used this on Saturday and really liked it.  It didn’t make my under-eye area look cakey nor did it crease through the day!

Too Faced Banana Pudding


And in good ole’ Ulta fashion with its awesome perks, with any Too Faced purchase of $35.00 or more, they sent out this adorable makeup pouch including a free sample size of their Better Than Sex Mascara.  I was very happy about this because I’ve never tried this very popular mascara before, so I’d like to see how it performs against the L’Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara which I do own.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara


Were any of you able to get your hands on the #IWantKandee collection?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!






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